Sondra Levine

In keeping with her signature use of dynamic vocals, Connecticut based singer songwriter, Sondra Levine, divines melodically emotional word-smithing into visceral themes that weave a fluid and colorful tapestry threaded by the trials of life and love yet lightly punctuated with a dash of wry humor and a quietly cheeky sense of well-being. With lyrics profound in their simplicity and melodies steeped in harmonies distilled from the deep musical reservoirs of California’s Laurel Canyon, early Motown, sixties and seventies folk, blues and pop, Sondra’s music precipitates from a sky full of gravid clouds with a wink and a humble nod to an amalgam of classic artists whose influences rained deep into her own creative well.  Sondra continues to deliver a bare bones, acoustic version of her dancey, rockin’, six piece, full production record, Walking On Water – produced by Eric Lichter at Dirt Floor Studios – while writing her next album and pursuing another tour.  

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